Video: Paraplegic patient gets comprehensive treatment in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra

Video: Paraplegic patient gets comprehensive treatment in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra

Abu Dhabi: A 20-year-old patient diagnosed with paraplegia has been successfully treated at Madinat Zayed Hospital in Abu Dhabi Emirate’s Al Dhafra region.

Yasmin has been paralysed in her right limbs as a result of bleeding in the brain. As a result, she faced functional motor disability, including difficulty walking, writing, balancing, and performing day-to-day tasks. She also experienced speech and cognitive impairment.

At the Madinat Zayed Hospital, which is part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company’s (Seha) network in Al Dhafra, a treatment plan was developed for her, including physiotherapy and speech therapy twice a week. In the first phase, the plan aimed to build muscle strength, endurance, and functional ability in her limbs. The second phase was designed to rebuild her balance. At the same time, she also began attending therapy to improve her speech, cognitive function and short-term memory.

“After the first couple of sessions, the patient has already begun to show significant signs of improvement, with her regaining muscle strength in her upper and lower limbs, proven by her renewed ability to create a strong grip with her hand and walk without assistance. We have also seen a positive improvement in her speech and short-term memory. We look forward to continuing to support the patient on her treatment journey and watching her progress towards good health,” said Dr Radwa Awad Gabr, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at the hospital.

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