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Al Ghurair Properties seeks to change lives through its ‘AGP Cares’ Initiative, a campaign devised to provide a year of free rent to a family severely impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Early last year, most of us had only read about pandemics, or watched fictional sci-fi movies about them. Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine that one would disrupt our lives in such a real way: economically, socially and psychologically. Yet, amid the turbulence and difficulties, the pandemic has taught us that through togetherness and maintaining a sense of community, we can make it through even the most challenging of times.

From individuals to organisations, many have stepped up to make a difference. Al Ghurair Properties is one such company, seeking to change lives through its ‘AGP Cares’ Initiative, a campaign devised to provide a year of free rent to a family severely impacted by the ongoing pandemic. Launched in February of this year, Al Ghurair Properties sought to provide much-needed support to those affected by the pandemic, seeking out those in dire need of rental support. In the campaign, the business asked for UAE residents to share their stories, or those of their family or friends, about the financial difficulties they have faced due to the pandemic.

Over the course of several months, applications streamed in from families in need, detailing their own struggles since Covid-19 began. A careful, and difficult, assessment process followed, carried out by a panel comprising Al Ghurair Properties leadership and independent third parties, to decide a short-list of five families.

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Following an extensive evaluation process, Sally Fernandes, and her family of four – mother, husband and daughter – were selected to receive one year of free accommodation provided by Al Ghurair Properties. Sally and her family have shown remarkable resilience despite especially challenging circumstances. Her three and half year-old daughter was born with cerebral palsy, as such the family’s medical expenses are high. Additional strain was placed on the family’s finances when Sally’s husband lost his job – and the family’s only source of income – due to staff-cuts during the pandemic. For this family, the opportunity to live for one year with no rental payment is a huge relief, and one less expense to worry about.

Commenting on the initiative, Sally Fernandes stated: “My family and I are very aware that many people have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and that there are many in similar situations to us, who require some additional support. For that reason, we are incredibly grateful to Al Ghurair Properties for supporting us through a difficult time, and for easing the financial burden on our family. We truly believe that 12 months without rental payments is a blessing and we deeply thank those who selected us to receive this gift.”

The other families short-listed will also receive support from Al Ghurair Properties, in the form of gift vouchers of Dh5,000 to spend on whatever they require, such as groceries, baby and childcare products and mobile phone cards.

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In addition to this ‘AGP Cares’ initiative, Al Ghurair Properties has been determined to help its community since the early challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic arose. In 2020, Al Ghurair Properties quickly rose to the needs of its residents by offering two months of rent-free living to tenants and providing the option to distribute annual rental fees over 12 cheques. It also introduced an app as a response to social distancing and lockdown measures, which enables tenants to safely and securely make payments via credit card.

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Commenting on the ‘AGP Cares’ initiative, and the company’s overall approach to community support, Hamad Abdulla Al Ghurair, Head of Residential and Commercial, Al Ghurair Properties says:

“Al Ghurair Properties is listening to its customers and their needs by establishing new ways to enhance their lives. We continually seek to offer services that meet our tenants’ needs, and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have introduced various measures to support customers whose personal finances were negatively impacted. We want our tenants to know they always have a home with us. These times have affected both professional and personal lives around the world, and we are honoured to be able to extend tangible support in a way that can truly make a difference in a family’s life.

“For Sally Fernandes and her family, we are delighted to be able to make such a positive difference. We hope that, without the worry of rental payments, the Fernandes family will be able to ensure ongoing medical care for their daughter, and to ease financial pressure whilst seeking new employment.”

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