Duo in Dubai obtain Dh407,000 in loan and credit card with forged documents

Ukrainian gang sentenced to jail in Dubai over attempt to rob Dh500,000

Dubai: An Indian and a Pakistani defendant have been accused of forging documents and using them to fraudulently obtain Dh406,700 from a bank.

A Dubai Court of First Instance heard prosecutors who said that the defendants had forged their salary certificates and bank statements and submitted requests for a credit card and a loan from an email address that was similar to that of a major company in UAE, purporting to be employees of that company.

The bank approved their applications and the defendants had withdrawn the loan amount and used the credit card limit in full.

A 47-year-old Yemeni official at the bank said that in June 2020, the bank discovered the forgery with the documents, but by that time, the defendants had accessed the credit facilities in full. “We discovered that the defendants didn’t work for the company and the salary certificates were fake. We contacted the company authorities who confirmed that the defendants were not working for them,” said the official on record.

The defendants created an email account similar to the company’s account to send the forged documents to the bank. The 34-year-old Indian defendant was issued a credit card with a Dh93,000 limit, while the 32-year-old Pakistani defendant was granted a loan of Dh313,700.

The Indian defendant had used his Emirates ID to collect the credit card from a post office.

“I don’t remember who came to collect the card as it was during COVID-19 time [last year] and the man was wearing a mask. I remember that I had checked his Emirates ID,” said an Indian employee at the post office.

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Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the defendants with forgery, using forged documents and illegally obtaining Dh406,700.

The next hearing is scheduled for June 1.

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