Dubai Police clarifies rumours of jaguar on the loose

Gulf News trying to confirm report of a jaguar/black panther roaming free in Springs 3, Dubai

Dubai: Dubai Police said on Thursday that the ‘wild animal’ seen in a residential neighbourhood in a viral video on social media was actually a pet cat.

After two days of searching, the force affirmed in a statement that the wild animal wasn’t a jaguar as previously thought but a black pet cat.

Dubai Police reached the conclusion after an intensive search and speaking to experts trained on tracking animals.

As a video of a black cat circulated on social media groups, residents of the Springs community were warned to exercise caution by the authority.

Dubai Police reassured residents that they investigated the animal in the video and found it wasn’t a jaguar but a black pet cat.

Dubai Police took the necessary measures to provide security and safety to the residents of the Springs area until they verified the information.

Dubai Police said it has taken all measures to ensure the safety of residents of the area and urged the public to exercise caution when sharing information on social media as it may lead to the spread of misinformation and panic within the community.

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