Today’s crossword: Can you navigate out of the desert near UAE?



The desert is vast and full of shifting sand dunes. How well do you know it?
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What’s vast, shifts constantly, is a beautiful brown colour, and easily accessible if you live in the UAE?

Click start to play and find out for yourself.

If you guessed desert, then you’re already clued into today’s crossword theme. This kind of landscape is found in every continent and is considered to be one of the Earth’s last remaining areas of total wilderness. It is also home to one-sixth of the world’s population – that’s over a billion people!

So, how well do you know deserts around the world? Is the “White Desert” (16-Across) a place you could mark on a map? How about one of the largest sandy deserts in the world (2-Down)?

It’s time to journey across the Earth’s most arid natural landscape. Take a friend along for the ride and solve the crossword together by clicking the ‘Play Together’ button.

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