Egypt: Man fatally stabs mother-in-law while she was being treated in hospital

Egypt: Man fatally stabs mother-in-law while she was being treated in hospital


Cairo: An Egyptian man has killed his mother-in-law who was being treated at a governmental in a Delta province north of Cairo after she refused to agree on the return of his estranged wife, local media reported.

The man’s wife recently left the marital house for her family’s house in the provincial governorate of Al Sharqia due to a dispute with him. He tried unsuccessfully to patch up things with her.

In a new attempt to settle the dispute, the man, a worker, went to visit his ill mother-in-law at the Zagazig University Hospital in Al Sharqia. During the visit, he pressed for the return of his wife, but her mother refused his demand, according to reports.

In a fit of anger, he produced a knife and repeatedly stabbed her, much to horror of other patients and their cries, witnesses said. He was able to flee the scene. Police have launched a manhunt to arrest him.

The crime was the latest in a series of recent family murders in Egypt.

Last week, an owner of a local coffee shop was arrested and admitted to have killed his wife with a knife allegedly for being unfaithful to him in the area of Al Warq in Giza, south of Cairo. The 37-year-old man claimed to have found intimate WhatsApp messages exchanged between his wife and another man. In revenge, he reportedly stabbed her 20 times.


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