Video: Saudi, Chadian assault and rob Pakistani woman in Riyadh

Video: Saudi, Chadian assault and rob Pakistani woman in Riyadh


Dubai: A Chadian expat and Saudi citizen have been arrested in Riyadh after a video of them assaulting and robbing a Pakistani woman went viral, local media reported.

The video shows the woman walking with her daughter when one of the two suspects appears to be talking to her, then he tried to forcefully take her bag while she resisted him. At the end of the video, the attacker pushed the victim to a wall, took the bag and ran away.

According to informed sources, the attacker’s friend helped him escape in his car. He was watching and waiting for him. Once done with the crime, both offenders made away.

A camera was recording everything and soon after watching the video, Riyadh police launched immediate investigations and managed to successfully arrest the two suspects in record time.

According to initial investigations, both suspects were watching the woman from the moment she left her house. They waited for the right moment to assault and rob her. 


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