Dubai Police help reunite missing boy with special needs with his mother

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Dubai Police used sign-language experts to try and communicate with the missing boy with special needs.
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Dubai: A hearing and speech-impaired child who had gone missing in Dubai has been reunited with his mother — thanks to Dubai Police.

According to Brigadier Ahmad Thani Bin Gulitha, Director of Al Refaa Police Station, the boy was with his mother and aunt at Al Jafiliya market, but went missing. Later, he was found alone at a Metro station in the Oud Metha area.

“The boy was suffering from hearing and speech impairment and was with his mother and aunt before he went missing. He kept moving alone until he reached Oud Metha when policemen spotted him at a Metro station,” Brig. Bin Gulitha said.

The boy didn’t have any identification document with him and it was hard for the policemen to communicate with him due to his condition.

“The boy was kept in a room designed for children at the station, with games and toys in it. A team of communicators used sign language experts to communicate with the boy, but we still couldn’t get any information from him.”

Dubai Police looked after the boy and alerted all the police stations about him. Later, his mother and aunt reported a missing child at Bur Dubai Police Station.

The mother and aunt were reunited with the boy at Al Refaa Police Station thereafter. The mother had to sign a pledge that she would look better after her son, taking into account his condition.

“The police station has a major concern regarding incidents related to children. It provides legal and mental support to the victims and also educates them on how to avoid abuse or mistreatment,” added Brig bin Gulitha.

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Follow-up with victims

Al Refaa Police Station followed up with 9,360 cases last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to 11,882 cases in 2019.

Officers in the follow-up section at the police station check on the mental and health conditions of the victims and keep the victims updated on the latest status of their cases, apart from regular hospital visits to check on their needs during treatment.

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