Ontario police warn of social media trend involving participants kicking front doors

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Ontario Provincial Police are warning young people and parents about a social media trend that involves kicking a person’s front door.

The trend has been gaining traction on TikTok and often includes participants playing the Kesha song “Die Young” as they hit a person’s door.

The trend has caught on in Ontario and provincial police are now warning parents to talk to their children about potential impacts that could arise from taking part.

OPP recently tweeted out a video they say appears to show three youths taking part in the challenge early Saturday in Port Dover, and actually kicking in a person’s front door.

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“Not only are they putting themselves in danger, you’re putting that homeowner in some type of distress as well,” Acting Sgt. Ed Sanchuk said.

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“We’re just putting a reminder out there, please, if you’re a parent or caregiver, make sure you sit down and talk to your kids … about the ramifications of their actions and decisions that they make because technically right now, if you start looking at this incident, not only are they trespassing at night which is a criminal offence, they also basically damaged the door.”

Police are seeking the individuals captured on the video.

Police said carrying out the trend could also be considered mischief. If the door opens, it could also be considered break and enter.

A similar incident has been reported in Hamilton but it’s not clear if police are investigating that case.

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Police have also received other reports of vandalism in southwestern Ontario arising from different social media challenges.

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