Video emerges of SUV barreling through Wisconsin parade

Video emerges of SUV barreling through Wisconsin parade


Horrifying footage posted on social media showed a red SUV as it barreled through a Wisconsin holiday parade on Sunday — striking and injuring over 20 people and sending the festive crowd into a frenzy.

In a live-streamed feed of the annual event in Waukesha, Wisconsin provided by the city, the vehicle was spotted driving through the route at a clip far faster than the flow of the parade.

At some point along the route, the SUV slammed into members of a marching band. The crowd reacts in horror and quickly rushed to help the wounded.

The disturbing impact was captured by a spectator on the ground and from a camera above the scene.

In the ground-level footage the vehicle can be seen hitting some marchers before a woman, likely the shooter of the video, screams in horror.

The SUV slammed into several members of the band before driving away, according to the footage from above the street that was tweeted by TMJ4 reporter Taylor Lumpkin.

After the collision, all hell breaks loose with people running in the street and shouting.

More video appears to show the SUV barreling through white barricades and fleeing from the parade route.

A photo tweeted by CBS 45 News also appears to show the vehicle parked in a residential driveway with heavy front-end damage.

Police said over 20 people were injured during the chaos and that the vehicle was later located.

Witnesses reported the driver of the SUV fired gunshots as they left a trail of destruction.


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