New Selling Sunset Star Emma Hernan Is BFFs With Her Co-Stars

New Selling Sunset Star Emma Hernan Is BFFs With Her Co-Stars


E!: Is your family in Boston? Do you have any family out in LA?

EH: Well, it’s funny enough, my mom is actually visiting right now. Yeah, they come out all the time. So before I started filming and all that, I was 100 percent bicoastal, so I would be, probably a month in Boston, a month in LA, especially because I have my business as well. I partnered with Beyond Meat for my empanadas. And I’m 100 percent a woman-owned company, which is another thing that’s really important to me. But my family is out here more now than ever, because I can’t fly back as often.

E!: What’s your favorite part about going to work every day at the Oppenheim Group?

EH: People are like, “You don’t get to pick your coworkers,” but it just happens to be that if I could pick my coworkers, they would be all of the people that genuinely work at the Oppenheim Group. They are like my family. I formed…such a great bond with filming and stuff like that…they’re genuinely my closest friends. You know, you don’t always think that’s gonna happen in the workplace, but when it does, it’s so special.


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