Biden approval rating hits 36 percent in Quinnipiac poll

President Biden's approval rating.


President Biden’s approval rating keeps on dropping, and the news is no better for congressional Democrats.

According to a new Quinnipiac University poll published Thursday, just 36 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s performance in the White House, down one percentage point from last month and a new low for the president among survey respondents.

Fifty-three percent disapproved of the president’s job performance, up one percentage point from last month.

The poll finds that 87 percent of Democrats approve of Biden’s job performance, while 94 percent of Republicans disapprove. But Biden is 27 points underwater among independent voters, who could hold the key to the victory in next year’s midterm elections.

Among that group, 56 percent disapprove of the president’s work and just 29 percent approve. 

Biden also hit approval lows in his handling of four major topics: the economy (34 percent approval), the COVID-19 pandemic (45 percent approval), foreign policy (33 percent approval) and climate change (41 percent approval).

53 percent disapproved of President Biden’s job performance.
Quinnipiac University Poll
Biden economy poll.
President Biden also hit approval lows in his handling of the economy.
Quinnipiac University Poll

The president fared no better on personality questions either, as 51 percent of respondents said they did not find Biden to be honest (42 percent said they did), 57 percent said they did not think he has good leadership skills (37 percent said they did) and 56 percent said they did not believe the administration was competent at running the federal government (40 percent said they did).

Meanwhile, the poll found that 46 percent of Americans would prefer that Republicans regain the House of Representatives next year, compared to just 38 percent who want the Democrats to keep their majority. When asked the same question about the Senate, 46 percent said they favored Republican control of the upper chamber while 40 percent said they would want to see Democrats have the majority.

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Among independents, 44 percent said they wanted the GOP to have control of the Senate, while 41 percent said they wanted Republicans to take back the House. By comparison 34 percent of independents said they wanted Democrats to retain the Senate and 31 percent said they wanted Democrats to hold the House.

“An ominous double whammy for the Democrats with midterms less than a year out,” said Quinnipiac polling analyst Tim Malloy. “The Senate and the House will be up for grabs and voters want the GOP to win the jump ball.”

The poll also found that more than half of Americans (52 percent) believe the Democratic Party has gone too far left, while 35 percent said the Republican Party had moved too far to the right. Forty-three percent of respondents said the GOP had remained ideologically stable, while just 34 percent said the same of Democrats.

Joe Biden.
President Biden’s is extremely low among independent voters, who could hold the key to the victory in next year’s midterm elections.
Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images

The survey also revealed most Americans to be gloomy about the state of the economy, with just 25 percent of respondents saying it was in “excellent” or “good” condition and 74 percent saying it was in “not so good” or “poor” condition.

The poll surveyed 1,378 adults between Nov. 11- 15. It has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 2.6 percentage points.


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