Alicia Silverstone Reveals If She Wore her Clueless Clothes

Alicia Silverstone Reveals If She Wore her Clueless Clothes


Alicia Silverstone’s latest Clueless reveal has us totally bugging.” 

Cher Horowitz is one of the ’90s most fashionable characters. From the white Calvin Klein dress to the yellow plaid suit, the iconic Clueless character made a major mark with her fashion sense. 

 For Alicia, however, the looks were far from her everyday attire. “I wore a green t-shirt everyday with jeans,” she revealed in a new video from Glamour. “I had 64 costume changes and I had no patience for it. I don’t even remember if I thought it was cute, maybe I was like ‘oh that’s cute,” but I just didn’t have a fashion sense.”

Even though her sense of style was far off from the high school fashionista, the Babysitter’s Club actress admitted that she did take a few of the pieces for a spin in real life.

 “After the movie I ran home with a lot of the clothes,” she continued. 


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