Vanessa Hudgens’ Witch Cheerleader Halloween Costume 2021: Video – Hollywood Life

Vanessa Hudgens’ Witch Cheerleader Halloween Costume 2021: Video – Hollywood Life


Vanessa Hudgens brought it back to the early ’00s! The Disney alum dressed up as a witch cheerleader as she paid tribute to ‘Bring It On’!

Vanessa Hudgens, 32, loves Halloween! The High School Musical star revealed her first costume of 2021, which happened to be a witch cheerleader. In a video with her best friend GG Magree, the pair recreated the chant from classic 2000 teen movie Bring It On starring Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union.

“I’m sexy, I’m cute! I’m popular to boot!/I’m bitchin’, great hair! The boys all love to stare!” they chanted outside as they performed the movie routine outdoors. “I’m wanted, I’m hot! I’m everything your not!/I’m pretty, I’m cool! I dominate the school!/ Who am I’ Just guess! Guys wanna touch my chest!” they concluded in giggles.

The iconic chant the pair performed on Instagram serves as the opening to the movie, starting with Jennifer Sloan‘s Big Red. The other Rancho Carne High School cheerleaders, including Kirsten Dunst’s Torrance, then join in for a full blown performance in the high school gymnasium.

Fans in the comments loved the look, which already racked up over 100,000 likes. “Obsy high cheer squad,” her BFF GG — who is in the video with her — wrote. “Okay this is legit so throwback lol!” another posted, while a third penned, “you always have the best costumes.”

Vanessa’s Instagram officially went into Halloween mode on October 1, moving away from color photos into all black-and-white for a super chic effect on her IG grid. “Happy October 1st witches,” she wrote on the first of the month, clearly getting ready for spooky season. Most of her posts from the month have also been tied to the holiday, including a trip to a House Of Spirits haunted cocktail night, and several other costume teases.

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Earlier this month, the actress also gave a tour of her stunning home in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles to Architectural Digest. She revealed the home is called “The Little DeMille,” and built by Hollywood filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille for his mistress. In the tour, she described the abode as “homey” with a “French” vibe.


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