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Drew Barrymore


Drew Barrymore emulated her future self with a silver outfit and wild hairdo on the Oct. 29 Halloween episode of her talk show.

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t the only talk-show host traveling to the distant future on Halloween 2021! Drew Barrymore, 46, celebrated the spooky holiday on the Friday, Oct. 29 episode of her Emmy-nominated talk show by dressing as a future version of herself. Drew gave her fans a look at her costume ahead of The Drew Barrymore Show episode with an Instagram photo that also featured her frequent guest Ross Mathews sitting right beside Drew while also emulating his future self.

Drew’s outfit was complete with an all-silver ensemble that included a massive floral bow and earrings. The movie star also had her silver hairdo done up in quite the over-the-top display. Ross, 42, looked like a silver with his altered hair color. He wore a suit that matched Drew’s attire, and also had his face altered to look like he got Botox done at some point in the years to come. So hilarious!

In the pic, Drew and Ross both held up “Good News Daily” articles with stories from the future. The pair set at a desk that was in front of a space background, which added to the futuristic theme. In her caption, Drew wrote, “@helloross in future news. Tune in TODAY @thedrewbarrymoreshow TO SEE THE HALLOWEEN TIME TRAVEL ps there is always good news to be found in any day past present or future in #DREWSNEWS.”

Drew Barrymore (Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock)

This was Drew’s second opportunity to dress up for Halloween at her talk show. Last year, the star went all-out for her first-ever Halloween show as Glinda the Good Witch from the 1939 classic The Wizard of The Oz. Drew’s transformation into the Witch of The North was so iconic: she wore a gorgeous, glittery pink gown with puffy bubbles atop her long sleeves. She also sported the infamous tall, light pink crown and carried a long silver wand that we see in the timeless film.

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So far, Drew is definitely 2 for 2 with her talk show Halloween costumes!


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