UAE: Up to Dh50,000 fine, jail for mistreating senior citizens – News

UAE: Up to Dh50,000 fine, jail for mistreating senior citizens - News


UAE Public Prosecution say people who neglect senior citizens can expect jail sentences

The Public Prosecution reminded people of the UAE’s Senior Citizens law and its penalties of jail and a fine of up to Dh50,000 against offenders.

According to law, Emiratis who are 60-years-old or over, are entitled to full medical, financial and educational care and must be registered in a dedicated database.

Federal Law No 9 of 2019 to preserve the rights of older people was announced in 2019.

They must be provided with decent housing and protected from violence and abuse.

Families are required to acknowledge senior citizens’ rights to independence, privacy, and confidentiality of the information and help run their finances.

If older family members live elsewhere, they need to communicate and visit them periodically. They should also manage the finances according to approved laws.

In regards to government transactions, facilities, social aid, and medical services, older people have the right to preferential treatment.

In case of senior member’s death and change in home address, or should their family face difficulty providing care for them, the Ministry of Community Development, elderly care centres, police, or other relevant departments must be informed.


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UAE prosecution said those who neglect their duties toward senior citizens can face prison and fines between Dh10,000 and Dh50,000 or both.

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The punishments apply to elderly care institutions that violate the law.

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