Why Riverdale Fans Think KJ Apa and Clara Berry Are Married

Why Riverdale Fans Think KJ Apa and Clara Berry Are Married


If you’re wondering how KJ Apa takes his coffee, look no further.

It turns out the Riverdale star likes his roast warm with a bit of milk— Clara Berry‘s breast milk, to be precise. Over the weekend, the new dad shared a video to Instagram with the caption, “My wife is a milk machine and I love it.”

In the brief clip, the actor pours a splash of the milk from a bottle, presumably newborn son Sasha‘s, at which point someone says, “KJ, no!”

He then turns to the person next to him and quips, “Merci beaucoup,” before taking a sip of his hot beverage. 

KJ’s video elicited mixed responses from his followers, including Clara, who remarked, “Happy to feed my family.”

It seems that Riverdale co-star Vanessa Morgan is an advocate for drinking breast milk, as she shared, “Ahaha yessss i told you!” while Bella Thorne simply said, “This is amazing gross and amazing all at the same time hahaha.”


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