Would Kristen Stewart Play Joker Opposite Robert Pattinson’s Batman?

Would Kristen Stewart Play Joker Opposite Robert Pattinson's Batman?


Is Kristen Stewart about to become an agent of chaos who seeks to ruin her ex-boyfriend on-screen? Not so fast.

Robert Pattinson, who played the Spencer actress’ love interest in the Twilight films and also dated the actress in real life, plays main hero Bruce Wayne in the upcoming film The Batman. Some fans have floated the idea of casting Stewart as the Joker in a future film. Variety recently straight-up asked her if she would ever consider playing the famous villain.

“I love the energy behind that,” Stewart, 31, told the outlet in a story posted on Wednesday, Oct. 20. “It’s really been done so well. I feel like, maybe, we don’t traipse over, but I love that gusto. Let’s figure something else out. I’m totally down to play a freaky, scary person.”

When asked if that meant a definitive “no” from her, the actress said, “Not ‘no,’ but not the most stoked I’ve ever been. Let’s do something new.”


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