Manitoba police arrest man who posed ‘immediate threat’ to public

Manitoba police arrest man who posed 'immediate threat' to public


RCMP say a man who was on the run Wednesday night in the Interlake and posed an “immediate threat” to the public has been arrested.

Police reported just after 8 p.m. CT that Wesley Manfred Wadien, 38, had been arrested without injury, after RCMP and other agencies spent more than a day searching for the man, who they said was considered armed and dangerous.

Wadien was wanted for allegedly uttering threats and pointing a gun, RCMP said. He also has several arrest warrants out for other offences and was known to police. 

RCMP Supt. Rob Lasson wouldn’t disclose whether Wadien is facing charges, but said he was found in a rural area in the rural municipality of Rockwood.

The news comes after RCMP and other agencies spent more than a day searching for Wadien. Investigators urged people in Winnipeg, Selkirk and through the Interlake Wednesday night to be vigilant and consider staying indoors while police tracked Wadien down.

It started Tuesday with a report shortly before 1 p.m. CT of a man pointing a shotgun in Selkirk, about 30 kilometres north of Winnipeg. Schools in Selkirk were locked down in an abundance of caution, said Lasson, but no public notice was made at the time.

When police arrived, Wadien took off and led officers on a chase, eventually evading capture. 

Throughout the rest of the day and evening, police from multiple departments and agencies continued to search. Lasson said police believe Wadien stole multiple vehicles over the course of the search.

Officers encountered him again Wednesday in the Interlake, but he once again got away from police, said Lasson.

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It was after that encounter that police issued a notice warning the public Wadien could be armed and was considered dangerous. In a subsequent news release RCMP said they believed Wadien to be an “immediate threat” to the public.

Alert sent to cell phones, broadcasters

RCMP issued a public warning around 7 p.m. Wednesday night over the alert ready system, which sends alerts provincewide via cellphone and broadcast media.

Asked why RCMP waited for over a day to notify the public via news release or through the public alert system, Lasson said Wadien’s erratic behaviour during the police encounter on Wednesday caused investigators to re-evaluate the potential risk he posed to the general public.

“His actions were escalating and his actions were also unpredictable, therefore we thought he was an ongoing and heightening risk to the public,” said Lasson during a news conference after the arrest.

There have been no reports of injuries.

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