Dorinda Medley on Turning Bluestone Manor Into a Smart Haunted House

Dorinda Medley on Turning Bluestone Manor Into a Smart Haunted House


E!: How do these smart devices make you a better hostess when friends come over to Bluestone Manor?
DM: One of the things I say in my Make it Nice book is that no one wants to see a hostess that’s out of breath running around, disorganized and disheveled.

With the Ring Doorbell, I can see who’s at the door, and then I can plan. As I’m going to answer the door, I can say, “Alexa, make it nice and spooky,” the lights are on, “Alexa, music come on.” The music is on and by the time I get to the door, dressed as Dracula’s girlfriend with a long black fish tail braid, I’ve created the whole atmosphere in seconds.

I mean I don’t know about you but when I entertain, it’s all about setting up and creating the atmosphere. A lot of times, at three or four o’clock you want to go up and start getting ready, you don’t want to have to run downstairs to turn on the lights turn on the music, create the atmosphere. Now, with the Echo Show 10, I can just do all of that. It just makes it so much easier to entertain. I am obsessed with this.

E!: What do you love about using these smart devices for Halloween and in general?
DM: The Echo Show 10 so easy to install, coming from someone like me, it’s so so easy. Believe me. Listen, this is an old house so I didn’t think it would take the technology, the house was built in 1902. All you need to do is buy Amazon Smart Plugs, that’s it.

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You plug your stuff in it, and then you use the Echo Show 10 and the Alexa to set up your routines, you get it all on Amazon, and then all of a sudden, your house is all interactive. I love it for the ease of setting up. I love it for the fact that it’s so useful and helpful for someone that lives in a house that requires the lights and music. And I love it because it creates a sense of safety. I really love that Ring doorbell because now when it rings I can see immediately who’s at my door.

To see more of Halloween essentials that Dorinda recently got from Amazon, keep on scrolling.


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