Abu Dhabi residents scramble to get Covid-19 booster shot ahead of deadline – News


Once the deadline passes, residents without a booster shot will see a grey status on the AlHosn app, restricting their access to public places

Abu Dhabi residents are racing against the clock to get the Covid-19 booster shot ahead of tomorrow’s deadline.

Authorities had earlier announced that a booster shot was mandatory for Covid-vaccinated residents who received their second dose of the Sinopharm jab more than six months ago.

A 30-day grace period was granted until Monday, September 20, allowing residents to maintain a green status on the AlHosn app until they received their booster dose.

Once the deadline passes, residents without a booster shot will see a grey status on the AlHosn app, which limits them from entering many public places in the Capital.

Dr Faisal Hamza Dalvi, internal medicine specialist at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, said the vaccination centres under VPS Healthcare have seen numerous people make appointments for the booster shot.

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“There has been a rush at the vaccination centres, as residents were keen on getting the booster dose. Many people, especially those planning to travel abroad, have been opting for the Pfizer vaccine because it’s more internationally accepted,” he said.

Dr Dalvi added that the booster was the best way to stay protected against the virus and enhance immunity.


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“The Covid vaccine booster is very important for people who have completed six months since taking their second dose to enhance their immunity. People should go for the third dose for their protection against the virus,” he said.

With the exception of Sinopharm, other vaccines do not require a booster dose yet, the Government of Abu Dhabi Media Office said earlier.

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