J.R.C.G. Shares ‘Rainbow’ Song Ahead Of His Psych-Rock Debut Album – Hollywood Life

J.R.C.G. Shares ‘Rainbow’ Song Ahead Of His Psych-Rock Debut Album – Hollywood Life


With a dash of ‘nostalgia’ and a pinch of the current moment, psych-rock outfit J.R.C.G. ‘breathes life’ into ‘Rainbow,’ a ‘sonically dense’ explosion of sensation and color.

Wayne White famously said that “beauty is embarrassing” and that the raw, naked emotion that beauty conjures invokes an “embarrassing situation to be in.” Beauty, it turns out, can also be jarring, unnerving, and – oddly enough – hard to take in, at first. Such is the beauty that lies within “Rainbow,” the new audio composition from J.R.C.G., the new project from Dreamdecay’s Justin R. Cruz Gallego. With “Rainbow,” J.R.C.G. melds together the hazy, half-lidded fuzz of shoegaze with a seemingly discordant beat, creating a breathtaking symphony within the first moments of a terrifying hurricane. And, like a devastating maelstrom, the clouds part, sharing a bright moment. You can feel the sun. You can see the rainbow.

“In the allure of nostalgia, J.R.C.G. stands alone with his futuristic flavor of art rock,” Louis C.G. of DD Music Group (Dreamdecay), shares with HollywoodLife about his new project, which is currently prepping their debut release on Castle Face records. “Breathing new life into tradition, ‘Rainbow’ is no exception. Sonically dense with rich blown-out drums and lush free-flowing synthesizer, ‘Rainbow’ pushes the genre to a modern edge while nurturing the spirit of Can, Pharaoh Sanders, and [Brian] Eno/[Robert] Fripp era collaboration.”

“Rainbow” – and J.R.C.G.’s previous song, “Holy Hope” – demand multiple listens, and fans will be able to spin it as well as the rest of the album – Ajo Sunshine – when it arrives on Nov. 19. Ajo (pronounced “Ahh-Ho.”) Sunshine promises field recordings taken “from rodeos off Ajo Way, a stretch of highway that leads you westward out of Tucson Arizona directly into the sun, both acoustic instruments and gleaming walls of synthetic noise are framed in dour and dissonant chord shapes, crackling with overdriven drum mics and seasick waves of distortion,” per a press release. The twelve-track will be drenched in reverb and experimentation, with shifting perspectives and ever-changing sonic landscapes.

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To herald the arrival of this new sonic sunrise, J.R.C.G. will perform a series of shows in November, hitting Reno, Oakland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland (Ore), Seattle, and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The light of this glorious psych-rock dawn will also soon hit your home, so follow J.R.C.G. to know when the Sunshine will grace your eyes (and ears).


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