Ted Lasso’s Toheeb Jimoh Talks the Sam-Rebecca Romance

Ted Lasso's Toheeb Jimoh Talks the Sam-Rebecca Romance


Ted Lasso‘s Toheeb Jimoh believes in believe—and that his character Sam is the perfect suitor for Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham).

The Aug. 27 episode left fans stunned after it was revealed that Sam was the nameless, faceless gentleman that Rebecca was talking to on the dating app Bantr. And, as Jimoh revealed in an exclusive chat with E! News, he too was surprised by the romantic storyline.

“I was very excited about it,” he said of learning his season two arc. “But, to be honest, from like season one, I hadn’t really caught on to the whole Sam and Rebecca chemistry stuff.”

Although Jimoh assumed Sam and Rebecca would always just be platonic friends, he was pleasantly surprised by this pivot. “I was excited on Sam’s behalf, but also I was so excited on my behalf, ’cause I was like, I just get to do more scenes with Hannah, which is great,” he continued. “I also knew like this was gonna send the Ted Lasso fans into a spiral.”


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