Trudeau says he won’t ‘back down’ to protesters at rallies, despite safety concerns – National

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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has no intention of backing down to protestors, despite having to cancel a rally last week due to safety concerns.

Speaking to reporters about the Liberals’ commitment to reversing climate change on Sunday, Trudeau — barely audible over the sounds of protestors and police sirens — said he would continue publicly campaigning throughout the election.

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“No, I’m not going to back down on a message that Canadians know is the right path forward,” he said.

“Do we fall into division and hatred and racism and violence? Or do we say ‘no, you know what, that doesn’t work to get us to back down, that won’t scare Canadians from standing up for what’s right.’”

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“We double down and we move forward into the future we know our kids and grandkids deserve,” he added.

The Liberal leader has been dogged by some violent protesters in recent weeks, often demanding “FREEDOM!” from mask mandates and COVID-19 vaccine passports. On Sunday, Trudeau received death threats from the crowd and someone shouted racist slurs at a Black member of his security detail.

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