Abu Dhabi: Pupils can resume in-person classes a day late with negative PCR result – News


Many are unable to obtain negative PCR test reports by Sunday due to long queues at testing centres

Public school pupils who may not be able to obtain their negative PCR test result by Sunday, August 29, due to the long queues at the Covid-19 screening centres ahead of the schools’ reopening, will be allowed to return to school the following day (Monday), after obtaining a negative PCR result, authorities have announced.

“Due to the high traffic at Covid-19 testing centres, and coinciding with the start of the academic year on Sunday August 29, the Emirates Schools Establishment announces to its students, who may not be able to obtain a negative PCR test result to return to school on Sunday, that they are allowed to return to school on Monday August 30, provided that they have a negative PCR test result,” the Emirates Schools Establishment said on Twitter.

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On Thursday, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) announced that all students of all ages must have a negative PCR test result, taken within 96 hours, at the start of the school year.

During the first month, all students in the 12-18 age group — vaccinated or not — must get a PCR test result every two weeks, said authorities.

After the first month, a weekly PCR test condition will be applicable for the unvaccinated students with medical exceptions approved by health authorities in the age group of 12-18 years.

In Abu Dhabi, there have been long queues at various Covid-19 screening centres, especially on Thursday and Friday, as many parents took their kids to undergo Covid-19 PCR tests ahead of the school reopening on Sunday.

The demand for PCR tests had also become high in the Capital since new Covid-19 rules that grant access to public places only to green pass holders came into effect on August 20.

Currently, entry to public places in Abu Dhabi is granted only to Covid-19 vaccinated individuals and those who hold a green status — which appears after a negative PCR test result and remains valid for 30 days — on the AlHosn app.

The activation of the green pass system prohibits unvaccinated people from entering shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, retail outlets, gyms, recreational facilities and sporting activities, health clubs, resorts and educational institutions.

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