‘We have additional measures’: Central Okanagan School District on back-to-school plan

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Mandatory masks are not only required for public spaces in B.C. but now also for all students from grades 4 – 12 while at school, and also all faculty members.

It’s part of the back-to-school plan as the fourth wave of the pandemic continues to flare across BC.

“This means that students can look forward to a resumption of safe, in-person full-time learning, extracurricular activities, sports, arts, performing arts and music,” said B.C.’s Minister of Education Jennifer Whiteside.

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There will be no requirements for anyone in the school setting to get vaccinated, according to the province, however vaccinations for both students and staff are highly recommended.

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“If you are eligible for a vaccine but you have not received your vaccination, now is your time,” said Whiteside.

“We know getting vaccinated is the single most important step we can take to keeping students safe this year.”

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The province also announced school districts can have their own measures, that are more regional specific.

“We’ve added additional measures,” said Kevin Kaardal, Central Okanagan Public School District superintendent.

“Our assemblies in school will be limited to 50. We’re limiting visitors, and we are going to request that all volunteers are fully vaccinated. School sports will be able to continue, in terms of following IHA’s most recent order, but that means we won’t have school competition right now but we can have practice.”

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The plan also includes enhanced ventilation for schools.

An enhancement the province said that cost more than 80-million dollars.

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As for post-secondary schools, there is also a new mask mandate for campuses and proof of vaccination will be required for some non-essential services, and for those living in student housing.

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Some non-essential services include varsity and intramural sports and student clubs.

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North Okanagan politicians in areas with low vaccine rates urge constituents to get the jab

North Okanagan politicians in areas with low vaccine rates urge constituents to get the jab

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