Sask. sledding chicken meets tragic end at hands of farmyard predator



A chicken once known for racing down the slopes with a little girl has gone to poultry heaven.

In February, a video of Lennon Poole towing her chicken, Chickyboo, while sliding down a hill on her family’s farm near Saskatoon went viral.

After the snow melted, Lennon continued hanging out with her poultry pal.

They would play on a pretend pirate ship. Sometimes, Lennon would hang a string so the chicken would have a place to perch while she was on her swing set.

WATCH | A video of Lennon and Chickboo sledding went viral: 

Sask. girl takes sled ride with pet chicken

Sask. girl takes sled ride with pet chicken 0:48

This weekend, the Poole family took a trip away from their farm outside Saskatoon, and took their dogs with them.

When they returned, Chickyboo had been reduced to a pile of feathers by a predator.

‘It was really heartbreaking’

Lennon was devastated, although her mother, Tenille Poole, said Lennon worked through it as best she could. Her mom got her to colour a picture of a girl and some chickens to hang up to remember Chickyboo.

“While she was colouring, you could hear her chattering to herself, saying, ‘Now that my Chickyboo’s gone, my life was so joyful, now it’s full of sadness,'” said Tenille Poole.

“From a parent’s point of view, it was really heartbreaking, but it was also super sweet.”

Lennon Poole carrying her chicken, Chickyboo, this past winter. (Rottwood Acres/Facebook)

Poole said Chickyboo’s death did save her from an awkward situation later this month. Her daughter is starting kindergarten this year and was dead set on bringing her chicken to class with her.

For now, Lennon will have to be content with the farm’s rabbits, as well as the farm’s other hen, Cherry.


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