See Alexander Ludwig Do a Backflip in Tense Heels Sneak Peek

See Alexander Ludwig Do a Backflip in Tense Heels Sneak Peek


A sibling rivalry unlike any other.

In this exclusive sneak peek from the Aug. 15 premiere of Starz’s new drama Heels, brothers Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) and Jack Spade (Stephen Amell) brainstorm moves for their upcoming wrestling match. While Ace is clearly excited for the face off, Jack seems underwhelmed by his brother’s ideas.

“Try this one on for size,” an excited Ace states before climbing to the top rope to flip off of it. “So, I get to the top turnbuckle here, moonsault. You catch me mid-air and, bam, slam me onto the ground.”

As he continues, Ace explains that this will fake out the audience, who will think he’s done in the match. “But I get back up,” he adds. “I kick out, right? So, you get up, we start trading punches, you eat a super kick, you go down. You get back up and, bam, another super kick.”

Unfortunately for Ace, Jack and his business partner Willie (Mary McCormack) offer up little to no reaction to this pitch. After Jack asks if that’s it, Ace’s valet Crystal (Kelli Berglund) assures the wrestling star, “Nope. There’s more.”


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