Christy Carlson Romano Recalls Shia LaBeouf’s “Very Negative” Dad

Christy Carlson Romano Recalls Shia LaBeouf's


Christy Carlson Romano may have been a teenager when playing Ren on Even Stevens, but even as a 14 year old she knew that Shia LaBeouf’s father wasn’t sipping coffee out of a mug that read “No. 1 Dad.”

As the actress recalls in a YouTube video titled “The Truth About The Disney Channel,” every set had different dynamics among the cast. Christy admits that “from time to time” she and Shia didn’t get along, “but I think there were other people that didn’t gel well.”

Case in point: Shia’s father, Jeffrey LaBeouf, and just about everyone working on the show. According to Christy, Shia’s father “was a very negative presence amongst everybody.”

This isn’t new information by any means, as Shia himself has previously described the pressure his father put him under throughout his childhood. Their strife was even the subject of Shia’s 2019 movie Honey Boy, in which he portrayed his allegedly abusive father. (Shia’s dad has publicly denied hitting him “in the face,” but admitted to threatening him “one time” during his childhood.)


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