Schitt’s Creek Star Annie Murphy Shares Battle With Depression

Schitt's Creek Star Annie Murphy Shares Battle With Depression

Annie continued going to therapy and began taking antidepressants. “I do not cry every single day on the floor 12 times… I am able to focus on other things in my life,” she shared. “Now, honestly, if a friend’s like, ‘I’m having a really hard time,’ I’m like, ‘Get on drugs. Get on drugs!’ You don’t have to be on drugs for the whole time, but they truly, truly saved my life in the sense that I was not a functional human being and I was able to be a functional human being.”

And when she returned to take on the part of Allison last fall, she found herself diving deep into her work, making friends and enjoying the process. “Not to toot my own horn because I f–king hate that, but I do feel a sense of resilience,” Annie said, “both from Allison but also being in a real messy mental state going into it.”

Now, she’s ready for this next chapter. And while Annie will always have love for Alexis, she’s ready for the world to see her new performance and continue doing things on her terms.

“I don’t need to live up to people’s expectations,” she added. “If it was an indie film, if it was a piece of theater, if it was voice work, whatever that was, for whatever the paycheck was, I just really, really wanted to do something for myself that was a challenge and that I had fun with, that was about something important to me.”

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