A Botched Patient’s Secret Silicone Butt Almost Ruined Her Life

A Botched Patient's Secret Silicone Butt Almost Ruined Her Life

Yet, Dr. Dubrow still estimated the success rate of any surgery would only be between five and 25 percent. “But there’s a chance,” Dr. Dubrow added.

Yuliana cried, “There’s hope, yes.”

Once in the surgery room, Dr. Dubrow realized that one fat flap was still intact. “I’m hoping it’ll do something, at least a little bit, to restore normal body contour,” he noted of “the art of flap surgery,” joking that “the problem is my canvas isn’t very good.”

Yuliana’s “labor-intensive” case ultimately was a success—even though she still had silicone left in her butt. “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass…literally,” Dr. Dubrow summed up.

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