Pregnant Below Deck Star Alli Dore Talks Baby Names & More

Pregnant Below Deck Star Alli Dore Talks Baby Names & More

Yet, Alli did reveal that her boyfriend has considered several unique monikers for the baby. “And then Benny’s coming up with all these really obscure ones,” she remarked. “Which is nice, but some of them are really out there.”

Case in point: Benny pitched the name Toto, as in the dog from The Wizard of Oz.

Thankfully, Alli has Below Deck Sailing Yacht co-star Dani Soares to turn to during this time. As E! News readers well know, Dani welcomed daughter Lilly last month.

“Dani and I have had a really good journey together because we’ve been able to bond,” she gushed. “And she’s a few months ahead of what I’m going through, so she’s been really great guidance for me. I’m like, ‘What’s happening?’ ‘What do I expect with this?’ ‘What do I expect in the third trimester?'”

Not only has Dani been “amazing,” but Alli said she has plans to visit her co-star in Sydney, Australia this week. Below Deck besties turned mommy mates? We love to see it!

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