Untangling the Drama Between Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley’s Ex


Larsa went on to offer some “womanly” advice for if and when Montana chooses to get involved in another relationship. “If you ever find another man who wants you for you and not all the free press I’m giving both of you, lock him down,” she wrote. “Malik was a clout chaser who pursued me relentlessly before I even knew you existed. And I have the DM’s but then again, he knows that.”

Less than two hours later, Montana fired back at Larsa’s claims. “One day you claim you know about me, but we were ‘separated,’ the next it’s you didn’t know I existed at all,” she wrote on social media. “Get your story straight luv. I was all over that man’s page lmao or a simple google search or DM would have sufficed as well.”

Montana continued, “I been in my bag wayyy before Malik and damn sure before you lmao. It’s funny hearing you say anything about clout or press because aren’t you the girl that can’t let go of her husband last name cause that’s the only clout you got to live on? And aren’t YOU the only who called the paparazzi and sent all those pics to the blogs, posted, etc.”

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