This $23 Foam Roller Has 15,500+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

This $23 Foam Roller Has 15,500+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I have had lower back pain, into buttocks and down thigh. My chiropractor advised me to purchase this roller….didn’t think it would work but it sure does. It feels so good and hits the right spots. It has been loosening up those tight muscles. I’m so happy I listened to my Chiropractor. The company who makes this product is wonderful. They follow up via email and actually give you their phone number if you need any help or questions. Wonderful quality.”

“I gave this 5 stars for it does just as it says. I have lower back pain and the muscles on the left side of my back tighten up. I always had to go to the gym and use one of their machines to roll out the muscle tension, but now I can roll it out at home.”

“Love this roller!! I have very tight hips due to working in retail (on my feet all day) and problems with my lower back. I have used regular rollers in physical therapy and they were ok, but the first time I used this roller I felt a difference immediately.”

“Meri~ly Meri~ly Mery~ly meryly my back is like a dream~For stretching, massaging and working out any knots of your muscles, this has been a pressure reliever!”

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