Dubai: ‘Wild animal’ spotted in residential community a pet cat, say police – News

Dubai: 'Wild animal' spotted in residential community a pet cat, say police - News

Viral video of the animal ‘carefully analysed’; experts conclude it was a domestic cat.

The Dubai Police have said that the animal sighted in The Springs 3 area was a “domestic cat” and not a wild animal.

Following “extensive examination” of the area where the animal was first sighted, wildlife experts have concluded that there is no evidence to show that there was a jaguar on the loose in the neighborhood or surrounding areas, the police said.

The Dubai Police reassured the public and residents of the community that the viral video of the animal was “carefully analysed and experts have fully determined that it was a domestic cat”.

Dubai Police said they have taken all measures to ensure the safety of residents of the area.

Residents have been urged to exercise caution when sharing information on social media as “it may lead to the spread of misinformation and panic within the community”.

The animal was first spotted in the Springs 3 community – causing panic among residents of four neighbouring communities: Springs, Meadows, Emirates Hills and Jumeirah Park.

A video of the animal in the garden of a villa had gone viral.

Authorities had advised members of the community to exercise “all necessary caution”.

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