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A new report estimates nearly two-thirds of businesses globally, including 63 per cent in Canada, have seen an increase in targeted cyberattacks since they switched to widespread remote work.

The report from U.S. -based Proofpoint is based on a first-quarter survey of 1,400 chief information security officers at mid-sized and large businesses in 14 countries, including Canada.

More than half (51 per cent) of the Canadian information security officers said that human error is the biggest vulnerability because most cyberattacks involve some type of interaction with people.

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Proofpoint spokeswoman Lucia Milica says there are more ways for criminals to target remote workers who are outside the organization’s security perimeter.

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She says Canadian respondents mainly cited as problems the use of unauthorized devices or software, as well as weak passwords.

Email fraud was the biggest problem identified by the Canadian respondents, and one of the top three vulnerabilities in 12 of the countries studied.

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