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Parents told to prevent children from use of hazardous explosive material.

UAE authorities have urged the public, especially youngsters, to refrain from the use of fireworks and firecrackers to ensure their safety.

Traders have also been warned against the illegal dealing and display of fireworks and firecrackers.


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The Public Prosecution issued a warning on social media platforms ahead of the upcoming Eid-al-Fitr celebrations, as the sale of firecrackers, which is an illegal activity, increases during the annual festival.

An awareness film has been posted on the public prosecution’s official Twitter handle, which urged the public to abide by the UAE’s laws against the use of fireworks and to avoid legal accountability, including fines of up to Dh100,000.

“Pursuant to the Federal Decree-Law No 17 of 2019 on arms, ammunition, explosives, military hardware and hazardous material, explosives may consist of a chemically pure compound or a mixture of different chemical compounds that interact with each other when exposed to predisposing factors, such as a stimulating force in the production of pressure and heat at a certain speed that leads to affecting or damaging the surroundings,” said the authorities.

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Officials said the display of fireworks is also illegal, as they are considered to be an explosive material.

Citing Article 3 of the Federal Decree-Law, they said the acquisition, possession, transport, carriage, manufacturing, and repair of explosives or explosive devices is prohibited without regulatory approval.

“Under Article 54, any person trading in, importing, exporting, or manufacturing firecrackers or getting them into or out of the country without a licence, shall be imprisoned for not less than one year and be fined not less than Dh100,000 or either of the said punishments,” officers said.

Abu Dhabi Police have consistently issued warnings regarding the dangers of firecrackers and urged parents to control their children and prevent them from using these hazardous materials during the Eid-al-Fitr celebrations.

Police warned that fireworks are risky for youngsters and can cause serious injuries and urged parents to monitor their children and prevent them from using hazardous explosive materials.

“Firecrackers can cause serious burns if misused, and their toxic fumes can also pose a danger to children,” said the police.

“Fireworks can potentially cause physical damage as well as environmental pollution,” the police added.

Officers said illegal use of firecrackers also leads to disorder in the streets and neighbourhoods.

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