The Flash Is Saying Goodbye to Two Original Cast Members

The Flash Is Saying Goodbye to Two Original Cast Members


This isn’t super news for this superhero show.

On Tuesday, May 4, it was revealed that Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes are departing The Flash following season seven. According to Deadline, who broke the news, Carlos will wrap up his run as Cisco Ramon on The CW hit with an appearance in the current season’s finale.

As for Tom, who has played Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash and Harrison Wells, his series regular run actually came to an end in episode three. In reality, Tom’s position as a series regular on The Flash was meant to close out in season six, but the coronavirus pandemic cut production short. Thus, many storylines trickled over into season seven. He is expected to appear in more episodes later this season.

Although the actors are leaving the series, a statement from executive producer and showrunner Eric Wallace made it clear that Tom and Carlos would be welcomed back in guest roles. “Tom and Carlos have been an integral part of our show for seven seasons, and will be greatly missed,” he said to Deadline. “Both are incredible talents who created beloved characters that fans and audiences around the world have come to love. Which is why we are happily keeping the door open for return appearances.”


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