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Cloud seeding operations are in progress to further enhance rainfall.

The rainfall being received in the UAE since last week is a normal weather pattern because of the convective cloud formation eastwards, according to a local weather forecaster.

Dr Ahmed Habib from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) on Monday said that during the current period of transition from winter to summer, the country experiences partly cloudy to cloudy weather at times over some areas, especially the eastern and the western region, with chances of rainy convective clouds.

“The rainfall received in the country over the recent days were due to convective cloud formation eastwards and this is normal during this time of the year,” he told Khaleej Times.

Cloud seeding operations have been taking place lately in the country to further enhance rainfall.

Dr Habib added: “If there is convective cloud formation, cloud seeding operations will definitely take place to further enhance the rainfall. According to the UAE climate report, there are chances of conductive cloud formation during summer, especially in the eastern part of the country. And if this happens cloud seeding missions are conducted to further enhance the rainfall.”

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Last Wednesday, the UAE received a sudden burst of showers, and waterfalls were formed in some mountainous areas. Parts of the country had received heavy rainfall for three days last week.

Dibba, on the UAE’s east coast, recorded the highest amount of rain at 27.7 millimeters (mm) on the day.

Dhudna and Masafi, also on the east coast, followed with 17.1 mm and 16 mm of rainfall, respectively.

The NCM had also issued alerts, asking residents to stay away from flash flood areas.

On Monday, (May 3), the NCM forecast report said the UAE is likely to receive rainfall over the next two days. The forecast suggested that Monday will be cloudy in general “with a probability of convective cloud formation eastward by afternoon”. This may be associated with rainfall.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday (May 4 and 5) will be dusty and cloudy, according to the weather forecast. Tuesday will see some rainy convective clouds formation, with daytime temperatures expected to be “rather hot”.

Temperatures will decrease the next day, with eastern and southern areas likely to receive rainfall.

The NCM’s cloud-seeding programme conducts regular missions to further enhance rainfall in the Arabian Gulf country.

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