Bachelor Nation’s Demi Burnett Slams Reality Steve’s “B.S.” Apology

Bachelor Nation's Demi Burnett Slams Reality Steve's


She shared that his claim “makes me the most mad” because of the way Steve allegedly changed his tune about her once she started becoming more friendly with him. 

“He has hated on me severely, called me the worst names, like annoying, she just does everything for herself, said the meanest things about me since, I guess, it’s been years now,” she explained. “And then the second that I gave him the time of day just to, like, have peace with him I guess, have a… friendly relationship, so maybe he would stop talking about me, he stopped saying nasty things.”

Demi feels that once she and Steve began talking privately, “he stopped saying I was annoying, he stopped saying that I was super selfish, he stopped saying all these ugly, ugly things about me. And he said nothing.”

Her takeaway? “So, clearly, what I was doing worked. I was like, ‘I’m gonna get good with him, so he won’t talk bad about me, he won’t bash me, he won’t gossip about me.’ And it worked.” 


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