UAE: Residents reveal tricks used by beggars to force them to donate – News

UAE: Residents reveal tricks used by beggars to force them to donate - News


Witnesses have claimed some even have their own vehicles, while others use taxis to move around.

Residents in Ras Al Khaimah have reported an increase in the number of ploys being used by beggars to force them to donate.

Drivers are being surprised by beggars knocking on the windows of their vehicles, claiming to suffer from diseases and an inability to buy medications.


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The beggars have also taken to knocking on the doors of residences in a bid to target women with sob stories about bad economic conditions.

According to a report by Emarat Al Youm, a number of beggars have been spotted at commercial areas, some with hands wrapped in bandages, others carrying babies and medical prescriptions, claiming to have lost husbands and needing money to buy food for their children.

Police authorities in the UAE have launched campaigns in markets and residential areas during the holy month of Ramadan to combat the social malaise. Security patrols have also been stepped up to monitor and stop those engaged in the practice.

Victims of beggars in front of commercial centres and consumer stores have said it is difficult to escape from such beggars, as they tend to block their path to prevent them from moving.

They added that many beggars claim to have diseases and carry a medicine bag and medical reports. Upon reviewing these, however, it was found they were issued outside the country, and were fake and unofficial.

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They indicated that beggars have become more audacious as they knock insistently on car windows to force motorists to listen to their appeal.

Some witnesses said beggars deliberately annoy people knowing their victims will give money to end the inconvenience.


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Other witnesses have claimed some beggars even have their own vehicles, and that others use taxis to move around.

Ras Al Khaimah Police stated that it launched a campaign at the beginning of Ramadan to address this negative phenomenon, through online awareness campaigns and intensifying security patrols.

It urged community members not to help beggars and donate instead through official charities. It further asked people to report any begging cases by calling the police on 910.


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