Video: Heavy rains hit UAE for third time in 4 days – News

Video: Heavy rains hit UAE for third time in 4 days - News

More rains forecast for Friday.

Rains have hit the UAE for the third time in four days on Thursday.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) reported rains over Dubai’s Hatta, Ras Al Khaimah’s Wadi Al Qour and the Masafi-Asma Road. Heavy rains were also reported over Khor Fakkan and Fujairah.

The NCM also issued an alert, asking residents to stay away from flash flood areas.

Code yellow and code orange notices have also been issued. The code yellow notice asks residents to be on the lookout when they go for outdoor activities.

Code orange alerts residents about “hazardous” weather events.

The UAE, in general, is expected to see cloudy weather throughout the day. Temperatures will dip as winds kick up dust, reducing visibility.

More rains have been forecast for tomorrow over some Eastern and Northern areas during the day.

On Wednesday, it rained so heavily in the UAE that gorgeous waterfalls formed in some mountainous areas.

The NCM had tweeted videos showing waterfalls flowing over the mountains in Tawyeen, Masafi and Wadi Al Fai in Fujairah.

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