UAE Covid: Deaths, critical cases decrease significantly – News

UAE Covid: Deaths, critical cases decrease significantly - News


The UAE’s mortality rate from the virus is 0.3 per cent — which is much below the global average of 2.1 per cent.

With close to four million UAE residents fully vaccinated against Covid-19, the country is registering a massive decline in deaths and critical cases caused by the virus.

The UAE’s mortality rate from the virus is 0.3 per cent — which is much below the global average of 2.1 per cent.

In April so far, the UAE has, on average, reported under three deaths daily. This is a significant dip from the average 13 daily deaths reported in February; and nine in March.

In January, the country was reporting an average of six deaths per day.

The highest number of daily deaths caused by complications from the virus this year was on February 19, when 20 residents succumbed to the disease.

This month, however, deaths from the virus have dipped as the country gets closer to achieving herd immunity.

Close to 10.5 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in the country, with a rate of 105.23 doses per 100 people.

A study conducted by the Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) recently revealed that very few fully vaccinated residents contract the virus.

Among those who tested positive after receiving their second dose of the vaccine, not a single patient died.

The study also showed that in the event of an infection after vaccination, patients have mild symptoms and do not require admission to hospital or an intensive care unit (ICU).

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Up to 93 per cent of the patients did not require hospitalisation and the jab reduced the need for ICU by 95 per cent.

Health care experts in the UAE believe that initiation of treatment at the right time and the country’s rigorous vaccination drive played a major role in curbing the spread of the virus.

Dr Vikas Bhagat, HOD – Critical Care Medicine, Aster Hospital, Mankhool said: “Patients who come to the hospital for admission are already in the moderate or severe category. Instant initiation of treatment as per protocol plays a major role in preventing mortality.”

Dr Zaineb Sabri – Specialist Internal Medicine at Medcare Hospital Sharjah, said the vaccines break the circle of infection spread. “The more you vaccinate the population, the more you can create a place of less transmission of the infection.”

The doctors also noted that most Covid cases don’t need hospitalisation.

Dr Osama Ahmed El Gharib, Medical Director, Burjeel Specialty Hospital, Sharjah, said: “The government’s massive efforts have helped decrease the number of daily positive cases and deaths reported in the country. The possibility of getting the infection after the second dose of the vaccine is not entirely ruled out, but these are mild or asymptomatic cases.”


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