Hundreds of birds swoop down California family’s chimney in wild invasion

A California family was terrorized by a swarm of hundreds of migrating birds.


What the flock?

More than 800 migrating birds swooped down a California family’s chimney — and refused to leave their home — in a horrifying scene fit for Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller “The Birds,” according to wild footage.

The family, from Torrance, had just returned from dinner on April 21 when they discovered a full-blown avian invasion inside their house, KTLA reported.

“We lost count after 800 — it’s unbelievable,” the homeowner, identified as Kerri, told the station. “If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you’d never believe it.”

Surveillance camera footage shows the massive flock circling above her chimney, before swarming inside and wreaking havoc. 

The ballsy bird brains crashed into windows, covered the place with droppings and perched like bats on the ceiling to sleep, the station reported.

A California family was terrorized by hundreds of migrating birds.

County animal control officials instructed the family to get rid of them by leaving doors open — but the winged intruders refused to get lost, ruffling the family’s feathers.

“The second night, I actually woke up to a bird flapping in my room. So basically just pull the covers over my head and started screaming,” Kerri said. “You couldn’t walk in any spot in the living room, the kitchen and the hallway without stepping on bird droppings.”

The invasion forced Kerri and her family to stay overnight at a hotel while a relative, Patrick Belleville, tried to get rid of them.

“They acted like they wanted to get out, but they wasn’t going nowhere,” said Belleville. “They were just flying around, just everywhere, every room in the house, every bathroom.”

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“They were just beaming off my head,” he said.

Belleville caught some of the birds in a cardboard box and released them outside. But the family was still trying to get rid of the flock when the station aired the footage Tuesday.

Nearby in Montecito, the local fire department responded to a home where 1,000 birds, likely swifts, became trapped in a chimney Sunday.

Local bird control expert John Honjiyo advised nearby residents to close their chimney flues.

Earlier this week, a giant flock of cockatoos descended on a sleepy Australian suburb, also drawing comparisons to the 1963 Hitchcock flick “The Birds,” which centers on a series of sudden and violent bird attacks in California.

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