You’ve Been Saying Kesha’s Name Wrong This Entire Time

You’ve Been Saying Kesha’s Name Wrong This Entire Time

Now the party don’t start ’til Kesha walks in…and tells you how to correctly pronounce her name.

The 34-year-old singer—born Kesha Rose Sebert—took to TikTok earlier this week to set the record straight once and for all. In a stitch with Mahogany LOX, Kesha took part in the trend explaining your name…and then how people (incorrectly) say it.”

“My name is Kesha. Keh-sha,” the two-time Grammy nominee replied. “Not Keisha. Not Ketchup. Kesha.” (Let’s not forget about Glee‘s Principal Figgins calling her “Ke-dollar-sign-ha.” Eek).

In a separate video, Kesha’s mom, artist Pebe Sebert, shared how she chose the moniker. “So, the name Kesha is actually a Hungarian family name that [older brother] Lagan would’ve been named if he had been a girl,” she explained in the post. “But since he wasn’t, the name is actually pronounced Ke-ta-cha in Hungarian. And so, I decided to make it easier and to make it Kesha.”

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