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Abu Dhabi City is experiencing overcast skies and cooler temperatures.

Many residents in Abu Dhabi woke up to light to moderate spells of rainfall and thunder this morning. Abu Dhabi City is experiencing overcast skies and cooler temperatures.

So far, rainfall has fallen on different parts of the mainland, including Mushrif, Khalidiyah and Corniche.

“It was a pleasant sight this morning. This might be the first rain of the year. It’s cooler compared to yesterday when it was too hot by afternoon,” resident Abdul Malik said.

Light rain was reported over Saadiyat Island and Al Hudayriat as well as the suburbs of Al Shahama, Al Bahyah and Al Rahba.

More rain and windy conditions are expected across the country on Thursday.

“Partly cloudy to cloudy at times, accompanied with some convective clouds over some areas, associated with rainfall and a decrease in temperatures,” the National Centre of Meteorology said, using the hashtag #Cloud_Seeding on its posts about the rains on Twitter.

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