New Wholesale Market That Is Open To The Public

New Wholesale Market That Is Open To The Public


New Wholesale Market That Is Open To The Public

NRTC Group has launched the ‘Wholesale Market’, which will feature locally sourced food items, especially fresh fruit and vegetables.

The ‘Wholesale Market’ is now open and is located at Al Rakb Street, Baniyas in Abu Dhabi.

The market was officially opened on Thursday, 22 April by the CEO of NRTC Group, Mohammad Nassar Al Rafaee.

The new market will offer the public the opportunity to either buy food items in bulk or retail-sized packaging at wholesale prices.

Mohammad Nassar Al Rafaee, CEO of NRTC Group said, “One of our priorities at the NRTC Group is to work closely with local-farms to support with the government’s plans to increase food security in the UAE and we believe that this Wholesale Market is a crucial step in this development. Though the UAE currently imports the majority of all of its food, consumer demand for locally-grown and sustainably sourced produce is increasing and as a company, our focus is to find a sustainable balance between imported goods and produce from local farms. Therefore, our vision is to enable human prosperity through delivering higher levels of food security to the people of the UAE.”

NRTC Group also plans to expand the market concept with 4 new markets in Abu Dhabi by 2021. Additional markets will be opened around the UAE in 2022.


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