Jessie James Decker Details Her “Unbearable” Pain in Plea to Fans

Jessie James Decker Details Her


Jessie James Decker is bringing fans along on her ongoing health journey. 

The 33-year-old singer took to Instagram on Monday, April 26 to post a somber-looking selfie taken from bed. In the caption, the star explained that she recently sought medical treatment for “unbearable” back pain.

“Pinched a nerve in my back… it feels like my back and bones and muscles are all in a fight,” Jessie wrote. “this time it is so unbearable I had to get a shot in my back from the Dr and was given meds. It is shooting pains up and down the left side of my back I cannot turn my head without wanting to cry. It’s awful and it happens way too often. I get weekly therapy but I feel like I need to see a specialist.”

The Eric & Jessie: Game On star, who shares three children with husband Eric Decker, went on to explain that she has also been suffering from migraines.


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