Anthony Mackie Says His Action Figure Looks Too Much Like This Celeb

Anthony Mackie Says His Action Figure Looks Too Much Like This Celeb


Anthony Mackie‘s reaction to seeing his new action figure for the first time was captured on TV, but he appeared to have some constructive criticism. 

The 42-year-old Falcon and the Winter Soldier star was a guest on The Late Show on Monday, April 26, where host Stephen Colbert surprised the actor with something he hadn’t yet laid eyes upon. The toy unveiling came after Anthony was revealed as the new Captain America during the Disney+ series’ season finale last week. 

“I’ve got something that I have been told you have not seen yet, but it’s pretty awesome,” Stephen said as he pulled out the boxed plaything. “This is your action figure.” 

A stunned Anthony replied, “No, shut up!” He added, “Where did you get that?” 

This led Stephen to quip, “I don’t know, I work in TV. They give me things.” He went on to demonstrate the toy’s features by explaining, “The wings are foldable, like this.”

Anthony’s initial reaction was, “That’s dope.” However, after getting a better look, it didn’t seem like he was too blown away by the craftsmanship. 


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