The Drag Race Finalists Declare the Best and Worst of Season 13

The Drag Race Finalists Declare the Best and Worst of Season 13

It’s been a long road for season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

It feels like a full year ago when we were just waiting for someone to finally get eliminated, only to then be sort of devastated when someone finally did get eliminated. Now, it’s down to four, and a winner is about to be crowned in a finale that actually looks like a finale. Never forget the end of season 12, when the queens had to film music videos in their own living rooms due to the pandemic. This year, they’re living it up on a big stage. 

Before we watch them fight for the season 13 crown, we asked the final four to look back on the season behind them. We asked for not just their best moments, but their worst. We also made them pass some judgments on their fellow queens, and it resulted in a few revelations, as well as a few bad memories. It also resulted in one of the queens calling us “mean,” but we’re not taking that to heart. We’re just doing our job!

Happily, however, none of the queens have any real regrets as they look back on their performances this season, and that’s all anyone can really ask for. 

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